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Tattoo Aftercare

Once you leave the shop it is your responsibility to care for your tattoo by following these instructions carefully in order for your tattoo to heal properly.

You will leave the bandage on for 4 hours, unless otherwise instructed by your tattoo artist.

WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE REMOVING THE BANDAGE, and ALWAYS before touching your tattoo during the healing process!

Step 1

Once the bandage is removed lather the tattoo with warm water and fragrance free soap  (only use your hands to wash the tattoo- no wash cloths or towels).

While washing the tattoo be sure to get all of the blood, plasma, and excess pigment that may be on the surface of your skin.

Rinse the tattoo well, and blot dry with a clean paper towel. (tattooed area should feel clean to the touch- not greasy).

Step 2

After the tattoo is washed and dried apply a thin layer of Aquafor to the tattoo, leave it on for 5 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp, cool paper towel.

Repeat washing and applying of Aquafor 2-3 times a day for 2 days.

Step 3

Starting on the 3rd day continue to wash the tattoo 2-3 times a day but discontinue the use of the Aquafor and apply unscented lotion instead after washing and drying. (let the lotion absorb- do not wipe off).


During the 2 weeks in which it takes for the tattoo to heal, drying, flaking and thin scabs will appear it is VERY important NOT TO PICK, SCRATCH, OR ITCH the tattoo! The scabs will fall off naturally- allow them to do so!   

This is a normal part of the healing process! Again, NO PICKING, SCRATCHING, OR ITCHING!!

Keep the tattooed area out of submerged water while healing! NO SWIMMING, HOT TUBS, OR BATHS! Showering is fine, just don’t allow the water to beat down directly on the tattoo!

Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight while healing! (NO TANNING)!

Once more, it is your responsibility to care for the tattoo properly once you leave the shop, if you have ANY questions call the shop (651-340-5317) 
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